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Book onto our online course Foundations in Teaching to access resources to help you get started in teaching.

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Are you new to teaching or new to teaching at the University of Leeds?

Foundations in Teaching (FiT) is designed to equip anyone new to teaching, or new to teaching at the University of Leeds, with the necessary information to help them get started in teaching.   FiT is an online self-paced course that you can start at anytime and there is no time limit to complete it. As a guide, the estimate on the time you may spend on reading core content is (3 hours) and on optional activities and exploring related links (2-4 hours). 

Following FiT, participants will be further supported by being invited to optional focussed synchronous sessions to support teaching development in specific areas. ‘Developing your teaching sessions’ will be either face to face (when we are back on campus) or through online webinars.

Please book on the online course via the training catalogue. Once signed up, we will give you access to the course in Minerva.

If you have any questions please email:

Guidance for postgraduate and early career researchers

This guidance highlights the training and support researchers at the University of Leeds should be able to access to help develop their teaching practice.

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