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TIPS & Networks

Networks in Student Education

There are many networks that you can join that will provide you with the support and opportunity to share your experiences and practice. These are the details of some networks that exist across the University and beyond which are involved in student education.  We would also encourage you to get involved with any useful networks that might exist in your local environment or are specific to your discipline.

TIPS Community

Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE)

LITE promotes innovation and excellence in teaching, through support for projects and networks. Look out for workshops disseminating outcomes of their work, as well as the annual Student Education Conference (SEC).

Find out about the LITE hosted cross-institution networks, and the LITE affiliated discipline-specific networks.

Advance HE Connect 

Advance HE also has a new networking platform called Advance HE Connect. This platform is open to all who work in Higher Education, providing a space where the sector can share, connect and collaborate in one place.

Directors of Student Education Network

An informal network that regularly brings together Directors of Student Education (DSEs) from across campus. The DSEs have a dual Faculty and School role and are directly responsible to the Faculty, through the Pro-Dean for Student Education, for the quality assurance, standards and quality enhancement of the School's learning and teaching provision. For DSEs who want to enquire about the network, please email