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Digital student education practice

You may find that you need to redesign or adapt your existing materials to ensure that they work for an online setting and that they still meet the needs of your students, as these needs may differ in an online environment. This page aims to highlight all the support available to help you teach effectively online. Explore the sections below for more information. Please also see staff guidance on Generative AI.

Digitally-enhanced teaching

Browse resources, how to guides, online courses and much more to support you to deliver digitally-enhanced learning.

OD&PL Digital Capabilities

Find out more about OD&PL's provision to support colleagues to assess and enhance their digital capabilities.

Digital Education Enhancement Teams (DEE)

The DEE SharePoint provides information about the DEE Team which is made up of faculty-based Learning Technologists who offer staff advice and expertise in how best to use digital technology in student education.

Digital Practice Website

This University website provides guidance and information about opportunities to develop and enhance your digital practice.


Skills@Library provide tailored sessions within the curriculum to support particular programmes of study. Find out what resources are available for you to use within lectures, online and in the virtual learning environment to support your students


Find out about the available technology and guidance on how to use it by exploring these resources.

Digital education systems help

The Digital Education Systems help site has guides for staff and students on using systems for teaching and learning.

Tools and systems

Find out about the wide range of technologies and resources to support your teaching.

Staff IT induction

This induction has been designed to give you all the information you need to make the most of the IT facilities at the University of Leeds.

IT knowledge base

Browse and search for self-help articles, tips and information on IT systems.