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Assessment Matters Webinars

Thanks to everyone who has participated to date in our Assessment Matters webinars. The purpose of these webinars is to share approaches and ideas, spark debate, and inspire and empower you to make changes to assessment and feedback. The themes and topics covered through the series align with our wider curriculum and learning design goals, as encapsulated in Curriculum Redefined and our Assessment and Feedback Principles. 

The webinar recordings and supporting materials are accessible to all staff and students engaged in curriculum development to allow you to recap, catch up and revisit at time that works for you. Please do share these materials with colleagues and point them in this direction if you think they will be interested. We’ll continue to add to this collection following each webinar.

To find out how to book on upcoming webinars visit the Student Education development section on our events page.

Authentic Assessment for Engagement

Explore 'Authentic Assessment for Engagement' with Professors Sally Brown and Kay Sambell.

Rethinking assessment

Part 1 of 'Authentic Assessment for Engagement' webinar recorded in PowerPoint.

Rethinking feedback

Part 2 of 'Authentic Assessment for Engagement' webinar recorded in PowerPoint.

Students as Partners in Assessment

Explore 'Students as Partners in Assessment' with Dr Fiona O’Riordan and Rob Lowney, Dublin City University

Students as Partners in Assessment

Watch the webinar recording

Inclusive Assessment Design

Explore 'Inclusive Assessment Design: Removing Barriers Raises the Bar for All' with Professor Jo Rushworth,
Leicester De Montfort University

Inclusive assessment design

Part 1: Watch the webinar recording

Plenary session

Part 2: Listen to the outcomes of the discussions from participants at 'Inclusive assessment design' session.