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Student education at the University of Leeds

The University's commitment to teaching is outlined in the first action of the Strategic plan 2020-2030 which is:

To provide a transformative, research-based educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds, who develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and make a positive impact in the world.

Teaching at Leeds is student-centred with students actively involved in their learning. It is shaped by your role in helping them to learn, and developing their skills to take charge of their learning. There are a number of the policies, principles, resources, and services that underpin student education at the University of Leeds. Explore the links below to find out about key information that all staff who teach need to know about and engage with.

Student Education at Leeds

Explore projects, stories and resources that illustrate our transformative approach to student education, and give an exciting insight into what's to come at Leeds and beyond.

Student Education Service

The Student Education Service are involved in every element of the student experience, including: maintaining and improving academic standards, providing co-curricular opportunities and student support. The SES includes teams across the University who support students and work in partnership with academic colleagues in relation to all aspects of the student experience. Explore the SES website to find out more.

Curriculum Redefined

Curriculum Redefined is the biggest and most exciting educational change programme going on in the world right now. This 10 year University-wide project will help us shape our education at Leeds for generations to come.

The Leeds curriculum

The Leeds Curriculum ensures all students leave the University equipped with the relevant knowledge, understanding, and attributes to face the major global challenges of today. It is the learning experience all students should encounter during their time at Leeds. Find out more about Leeds Curriculum.

The Leeds Partnership

Leeds University Union and the University of Leeds brought staff and students together to set out the mutual expectations of us all as members of the University. The Leeds Partnership recognises that education is a process that requires participation and that the responsibilities for making the most out of the opportunities available is a shared one between students and staff . Find out more about The Partnership and how it affects you.


The transition of teaching to a hybrid learning mode is supported by the 'Student-centred active learning approach' (SCALA). The aim of SCALA is ensure the delivery of high-quality research-based education in a hybrid mode, as part of a supportive, enriching and community-focused experience. Find out more about how you can use SCALA.