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How to guides and reports

In this section you will find resources and information on the steps you can take to decolonise your teaching.

Decolonising report from the Faculty of Environment

This report aims to understand some of the challenges and resistance towards decolonialising initiatives in the Faculty of Environment.

Decolonising report from the Faculty of AHC

This report explores current staff and student understandings of and views on decolonising within their disciplines in Arts, Humanities and Cultures.

How to guide to decolonising student education in AHC

This ‘How to...’ guide for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures (AHC) includes a glossary of terms, case studies and examples of good practice.

Decolonising STEM

These are resources to help you think about decolonising the curriculum in STEM subjects.

Diversifying the Curriculum, PHRS

Find out about the steps the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science (PHRS) are taking to diversifying the curriculum.

How to discuss inclusive citation

These slides can be used to introduce the subject of inclusive citation to students of all levels or to deepen their understanding.​