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Developing practice

Developing your student education practice

Teaching is a complex process and one where we are continuously learning. These resources and programmes are designed to support your continuing development.
We have divided our provision into key areas of teaching and learning to help you to explore areas of teaching practice you feel you need to develop. This page will be regularly updated so do keep checking them to see what has been added.

Student education support

Explore this is a quick guide to who can support you in your student education practice

Student education at the University of Leeds

Key information you need to know to align your teaching with the aspirations for teaching at the UoL

Planning and designing your teaching

Resources and links to support and help you plan and design student-centred learning.

Digital student education practice

Resources and links to teaching online and incorporating technology into student education

Assessment and feedback practice

Resources and links to support and help you design assessments and give effective feedback

Supportive teaching environment

Explore resources and support to help you create the right environment to empower your students.

Inclusive teaching

Resources and links to support and help you make your teaching inclusive


Resources and links to support and help you decolonise your teaching

SoTL at Leeds

Find out more about what SoTL is, the activities of SoTL and additional support and resources - including the Build your Scholarship Practice programme.