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Supportive teaching environment

As an educator you want to create the right environment for your students to learn. An environment where they are valued, accepted, included and encouraged to be a part of the learning experience. These pages will provide guidance to help you create a supportive teaching environment. Also explore our pages on inclusive teaching and decolonising.

Academic personal tutoring

Find out about the crucial role academic personal tutoring plays throughout a student’s time at University and beyond and explore the support available to help you in your role as an academic personal tutor.

Belonging at Leeds

This guidance is intended to help you understand belonging at Leeds and to support a process of consciously focusing on how we can contribute to this crucial aspect of students’ time at Leeds.

Supporting disabled students

This LinkedIn Learning Path brings together resources to help staff support disabled students and understand the concept of disability within the University environment. It includes explainers on the social model of disability, practical advice on digital accessibility and training videos created by the University's Disability Services Team

Student Success at Leeds

Explore information, data, good practice, resources and events related to Student Success. Student Success is concerned with closing the gaps in outcomes which exist between specific groups of students in terms of non-continuation rates, degree attainment and progression.

Guidance on responding to challenging/sensitive seminar discussions

Arts, Humanities and Cultures have produced guidance for staff on how to carefully deal with challenging/sensitive issues in the classroom please explore this guidance to help support you and your students.