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Inclusive teaching

What is inclusive teaching?​

Inclusive teaching is about designing and delivering teaching and assessment methods that benefit all our students. If we integrate practices that enable students to engage with the content they can have more meaningful learning experiences which can help them achieve their full potential. There is no one way to be inclusive it requires us to keep reflecting on our teaching and adapting. ​

The UoL have a set of statements that are based on guidance from the Department for Education. These create a framework for reviewing our current practice and support for Student Education. As a university, we are committed to embedding these standards in all taught student education provision. The standards along with resources and support to help you make your teaching inclusive can be found by exploring the links below.​

Inclusive teaching

This digital resource includes written resources, student and staff testimonials, and information about how the University is aiming to embed inclusivity into all taught student education. ​

Principles of Inclusive Pedagogies

This resource introduces a set of principles and prompt questions to help you understand inclusive teaching from a range of angles; helping you adapt your current practices and consider the dynamic nature of inclusive learning and teaching design.

Digital accessibility

This digital resource is designed to support you in creating digitally inclusive content that meet the needs of our diverse communities.

School Academic Leads for Inclusive Pedagogies

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