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A decolonial education seeks;

  • To question the origins of the knowledge taught and the colonial legacies that are replicated within.
  • To challenge the presence of a hidden curriculum of assumed knowledge that unfairly disadvantages many.
  • To ask whose knowledges and voices are undervalued and silenced.
  • To work proactively to rebalance such unequal power dynamics.
  • It is one where the evaluation of the curriculum and pedagogical practices is an evolving and responsive process and has partnership between the staff and student body at its heart.
  • It aims to combat racial prejudices and discrimination and to challenge racialised privilege.
  • It is relevant and applicable to all disciplines across the university.
  • As well as addressing questions of curriculum and pedagogy, it also encompasses wider university structures and practices.

UoL key principles

There is no one way to decolonise, it requires us to continually reflect on and adapt our teaching. ​The UoL have a set of key principles that create a framework for reviewing our current practice and support for Student Education. The university is committed to embedding these principles in all taught student education provision. These principles, along with resources (how to guides, podcasts) and training and support, will help you decolonise your teaching. The principles and resources can be found by exploring the links below.​

Decolonising key principles

The key principles that create a framework for reviewing our current practice and support for Student Education at the UoL.


A set of resources, including how to guides and podcasts to help you decolonise your teaching.

How- to-guides

Explore resources and information on the steps you can take to decolonise your teaching.


Listen to guests from within the University of Leeds community talk about their engagement with decolonising work in this podcast series.

Decolonising conversations

Decolonising conversations showcase the decolonising work of staff and students at the University of Leeds.

Decolonising reading list

This list highlights a range of source material that can inform your decolonisation practices.

Student initiatives

Find out about the outputs from a range of decolonising projects, events and resources developed by students at the university.

Decolonising Research Framework