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The Professional Recognition in Student Education (PRiSE) scheme allows you to gain Advance HE (AHE) Fellowship (Associate fellow, D1, Fellow, D2 or Senior Fellow, D3) and professional recognition for your contribution to Student Education. In your written application you will reflect on your professional practice and demonstrate how you meet the relevant standards of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF).  Gaining AHE Fellowship evidences your commitment to being part of the vibrant student education community at our University and is an important step in your continued professional development.

The structure of PRiSE

The PRiSE programme supports you progress through the application process. The programme includes a series of five sessions (three core and two optional) which have been designed for you to complete in order to prepare you to submit a written application for the award of Associate Fellowship (D1), Fellowship (D2), or Senior Fellowship (D3).

PRiSE programme

PRiSE programme consisting of 5 steps, 1. Introduction this includes attend PRiSE session 1 and explore category of fellowship to apply for. 2, Support and Evidence this includes Explore PRiSE Minerva site, attend sessions 2 and 3 and request mentor. 3, Application this includes attend sessions 4 and 5 and share a draft with a mentor. 4, Submission this includes submission dates and written submission. 5, Outcome this includes award or refer and resubmit. The whole process should take 4-6months approximately. We recommend you attend sessions at least 4 months before you plan to submit.


PRiSE applications

Submissions are via a written application in which you reflect on your professional practice and demonstrate how you meet the relevant standards of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF 2023),revised and updated in 2023.

Submission dates 2024-25

  • Wednesday 3 July 2024, 12pm
  • Wednesday 16 October 2024, 12pm
  • Wednesday 22 January 2025, 12pm
  • Wednesday 23 April 2025, 12pm
  • Wednesday 2 July 2025, 12pm


Full details of eligibility criteria are contained in the PRiSE FAQs. In particular you must:

  • be an employee of the University of Leeds and/or a registered postgraduate at the time of the submission and review of your application; and
  • be teaching students or supporting learning, for example responsible for the delivery of taught programmes, modules or sessions, supporting student learning or providing associated staff support through professional roles, supervising PGRs, providing in-session support such as lab or studio-based support.
  • have been employed or registered as a PGR for at least one year before submitting an application via PRiSE

Category of Fellowship

PRiSE can support you in developing and submitting your application to gain Associate Fellowship (D1), Fellowship (D2) or Senior Fellowship (D3) through Advance HE. If you are unsure which category of fellowship is right for you, Advance HE have developed an online interactive tool to help you make a decision this will generate a report summarising your responses and suggesting the most appropriate category.

PRiSE is not accredited to award Principal Fellowship (D4) but we can support colleagues interested in applying for this category of Fellowship to make a direct application to Advance HE. For more information, please contact us at:

Support for your PRiSE application

We offer a full range of support sessions and resources, include an introduction session, support sessions and mentoring. Once you have attended sessions 1-3 you can request a mentor, who will guide you through the preparation of your application. PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand we recommend you attend sessions 1-3 at least 4 months before you plan to submit an application. 

PRiSE Support Sessions

Please see below for the range of PRiSE support sessions available to you. You should attend the sessions in number order 1-5, noting that sessions 4-5 are optional; doing so will ensure that there are no gaps in your understanding of the application process and that you arrive at each session prepared for the discussions. 

It is essential that you attend at least PRiSE Sessions 1, 2 and 3 prior to submitting an application for any category of Fellowship; you should not submit an application without first having attended these sessions. Attending these sessions will give you access to the supporting resources you will need to complete an application, including information about how to request a PRiSE mentor. These resources cannot be made available to you if you have not attended these sessions. Please note the prerequisites for each session. 

  • PRiSE Session 1: An Introduction to PRiSE (all categories of Fellowship) – no prerequisites 
  • PRiSE Session 2: Your Practice and the Professional Standards Framework (sessions for D1/D2 or D3). You must attend PRiSE Session 1 before attending this session
  • PRiSE Session 3: Preparing to Write your Fellowship Application (sessions for D1/D2 or D3). You must attend PRiSE Session 1 and PRiSE Session 2 before attending this session
  •  PRiSE Session 4: Shut Up and Write Your Fellowship Application (all categories of Fellowship) (optional session). You must attend PRiSE Session 1, PRiSE Session 2 and PRiSE Session 3 before attending this session
  • PRiSE Session 5: Peer Mentor Session (sessions for D1/D2 or D3) (optional session).You must attend PRiSE Session 1, PRiSE Session 2 and PRiSE session 3 before attending this session

Sessions 4 and 5 are optional, but will provide useful opportunities to develop your application (Session 4) and to receive feedback on it (Session 5). Attendance at PRiSE Sessions 1, 2 and 3 is a pre-requisite for attendance at Sessions 4 and 5. 

PRiSE Session 1: An Introduction to PRiSE 

PRiSE Session 1: An Introduction to PRiSE (all categories of Fellowship)

This is a 60-minute session explaining what PRiSE is, what the different categories of Fellowship are and how to choose the right one for you, and how to make an application for Fellowship through PRiSE, including how to access essential resources in the PRiSE Organisation in Minerva. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. It is essential that you attend this session before attending PRiSE Sessions 2 and 3 (and the optional PRiSE Sessions 4 and 5). You should not submit an application if you have not attended PRiSE Session 1. 

Sign up for PRiSE session 1: An introduction to PRiSE


Additional support for Technicians

Please see visit the MI Talent for Technicians webpage for details on support that compliments the PRiSE scheme and provides a specific focus on the PSF and technical members of staff.  However, please note that your application will still need to be submitted through the PRiSE scheme.

Please note

The PRiSE scheme outlined above is a new scheme operating from September 2023 onwards and involves submitting on new documentation and against new submission criteria that are aligned to the revised PSF that was published in 2023. The PRiSE scheme 2017-2023 has ended and we are no longer accepting new submissions to PRiSE 2017-2023. All documentation from that scheme is now obsolete and should not be used for new submissions from now on. The first submission point for the new scheme is January 2024. 

Resubmissions of referred applications which were submitted to the 2017-2023 PRiSE scheme will be accepted until (and including) the July 2024 submission point. Please note: this applies to resubmissions of applications made to PRiSE 2017-2023 only. New submissions must be made to the new scheme, outlined above. 

For further information on PRiSE

Take a look at the PRiSE FAQs or email with any queries.

Professional recognition through the PGCAP

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) also provides a route to HEA Fellowship. We have produced a short guide to selecting the most appropriate route for you.