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TIPS stands for ‘Teaching, Innovation and Practice in Student Education’post it with a light bulb on it

As a place where colleagues help colleagues, the TIPS Community of Practice is a supportive space for anyone involved in teaching and developing others, in facilitating learning and in dealing with the everyday challenges of education practice. TIPS as a project started during the pandemic to create a single point of exchange for staff at a time when solutions to online teaching where developed locally and there was no space to share them centrally.
Since 2020, TIPS has grown to over 850 members across the University of Leeds. It is the one-stop shop to find out about events and opportunities and there are dedicated spaces to discuss key topics such as assessment, sustainable education and inclusive practice. The most active space is our "Ask TIPS" channel, where anyone can ask for help from the wider community.
TIPS is more than an online community. We co-run events with partners and edit the TIPS Blog, a collection of practice-sharing articles written by members of staff. Each article outlines a teaching intervention, design rationale, and impact evaluation strategy, and suggests how these could be used and adapted by others. It is a perfect first step into publishing about your teaching and scholarship practice. 
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The TIPS Blog

Explore the TIPS Blog for articles and videos created by colleagues showcasing their excellent practice in teaching and learning. Here, they share what they did, what it achieved, and how this might be useful for others. Use the categories below to find what you are looking for.

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