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Celebrating our latest PGCAP graduates – March 2024

Celebrating Excellence

Congratulations to all those who have recently graduated from our Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP). 18 colleagues from the University of Leeds have recently completed the PGCAP, and as such have also been awarded Advance HE Fellowship (FHEA). 

  • Dr Hannah Campbell – School of Biomedical Science  
  • Kasia Drozdiak – Learning Development Team (Library) 
  • Dr Victoria Easton – School of Molecular and Cellular Biology  
  • Dr Samson Fabiyi – School of Computing 
  • Dr Ben Hanson – School of Physics and Astronomy  
  • Dr Marco-Felipe King – School of Civil Engineering  
  • Dr Barbara Koerner – Leeds University Business School (Barbara now works at the University of Zurich but continues to connect with Leeds as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow.) 
  • Dr Dicle Kortantamer – School of Civil Engineering  
  • Dr Ryan Kromer – School of Earth and Environment 
  • Dr Adrian Martin – School of Mathematics 
  • Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza – South-West Jiaotong University (SWJTU) – Leeds Joint School   
  • Dr Farnaz Motamen Salehi – School of Mechanical Engineering 
  • Dr Jonathan Pearson – School of Dentistry  
  • Dr Qingxin Peng – School of Design  
  • Dr Ashani Ranathunga – School of Civil Engineering  
  • Tanya Williamson – Library (Tanya now works at the University of Salford) 
  • Dr Kaida Xiao – School of Design  
  • Dr Zhaopeng Zhang – School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering 

The PGCAP is a post-induction programme for staff at Leeds and provides the opportunity for colleagues to reflect on and enhance their teaching practice whilst delivering a pedagogical research project. As a result, they are also awarded Advance HE Fellowship (FHEA) and, more practically, they continue to experience the impact of the programme on their student education practice. 

The PGCAP has been running since September 2018 and there has been 78 graduates from across the University participate. They have had varied experiences and diverse disciplines, and they have come together to share their practice and learn together and from each other over the duration of the course. Its success is bound in the commitment and engagement demonstrated by the staff members who have undertaken the programme. 

The PGCAP Programme Leader, Victoria Taylor, said: 

We are very proud of our latest PGCAP graduates who join a growing number of PGCAP alumni at Leeds. Their hard work, enthusiasm and continued dedication to student education deserves our warmest congratulations. Each graduate has been on an individual journey of reflection about their practice, alongside a collaborative exploration of multiple approaches across student education within the supportive community of practice they have built together. Both aspects have challenged and enhanced their practice, and long may the impact of these discoveries continue! It has been a pleasure working alongside these colleagues and we thank them for their insightful thoughts and honest reflections they have shared with us throughout the programme. 

How to join the next PGCAP cohort 

Our next intake for the PGCAP will be for the September 2024 cohort and the closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 31 May 2024. If you are interested in becoming one of our next graduates, then please visit our webpage for further details about the programme and how to apply. For any queries, please contact