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Celebrating our PGCAP graduates

Celebrating Excellence

Congratulations to our PGCAP graduates 

Congratulations to over 20 of our colleagues who have graduated from the University's  PGCAP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice) during the last 14 months. It's time to celebrate them

They have reflected their teaching socks off and dipped their toes into individual pedagogical research projects.  As a result, they have been awarded a Fellowship of the HEA and, more practically, they continue to experience the impact of the programme on their student education practice.  So we would like to offer our warmest congratulations to all of the colleagues listed below and say thank you for all of your hard work, enthusiasm and your continued dedication to student education. 

The whole PGCAP team provided a rich experience and it continues to impact on my teaching practice. The enthusiasm, pragmatism, and innovation was much appreciated.

- Dr Muhammad Tausif, Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes, Deputy Director of Student Education and Programme Leader for MSc Textile Sustainability and Innovation in the School of Design.

The following colleagues have all graduated from our PGCAP and been awarded a Fellowship of the HEA:

  • Dr Shahad Al-Ramadhani (School of Dentistry)
  • Deirdre Andre (Library Research Support Team)
  • Dr Giles Blackburne (Leeds University Business School)
  • Dr Or Brook (School of Law)
  • Silviu Cobeanu (School of Music)
  • Sally Dalton (Library Research Support Team)
  • Dr Eric Danso-Boateng (School of Chemical and Process Engineering)
  • Dr Reem El-Gendy (School of Dentistry)
  • Dr Mariana Estrada-Robles (Leeds University Business School)
  • Dr Samuel Farley (Leeds University Business School)
  • Helen Finnerty (Language Centre)
  • Dr Hyun-young Jo (Leeds University Business School)
  • Dr Stephen Kengyelics (School of Medicine)
  • Ahmed Lawey (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
  • Dr Laura Loyola-Hernandez (School of Geography)
  • Dr Vincenzo Mantova (School of Mathematics)
  • Peter North (School of Media and Communication)
  • Dr PriyashaSaksena (School of Law)
  • Dr Muhammad Tausif (School of Design)
  • Dr Simon Walker (School of Biomedical Sciences)
  • Dr Martin Ward (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies)
  • Natasha Watchorn (School of Medicine)
  • Dr Junfeng Yang (School of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr Ilaria Zavoli (School of Law)

What is the PGCAP?

The PGCAP is a post-induction programme for University of Leeds staff who make a significant contribution to Student Education at Leeds and has been running since September 2018. Its success is bound in the commitment and engagement demonstrated by the staff members who have undertaken the programme. We have had colleagues from all across the University participate, with both varied experience and diverse disciplines, sharing their practice and learning together and from each other over the duration of the course.  

The programme has had a huge impact on my teaching.  Thank you, to all of the PGCAP team for all your excellent, high quality teaching and support with learning over the duration of the course.

-  Deirdre Andre, Library Research Support Advisor, Research Support Team, Leeds University Library

How to join our next PGCAP cohort

If you are interested in becoming one of our next graduates, then please visit our webpage for further details about the programme and how to apply. Our next intake for the PGCAP will be for the September 2021 cohort and the closing date for applications is 31st May 2021. For any queries please contact