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Get started at Leeds with our Foundations in Teaching (FiT) course

Developing Practice

The online and self-paced course from OD&PL provides information and advice to those new to teaching at Leeds, or new to teaching.

The course is self-paced and is delivered online, with no time limit to complete it. The core of the Foundations in Teaching course is estimated to take 3 hours, with an additional 2-4 hours of optional activities and the chance to explore related links.

Following the course, participants are invited to optional sessions provided by OD&PL to support teaching development in specific areas.

You can join the course via the University of Leeds Course Catalogue.

Once signed up, we will enrol participants onto the course in Minerva.

To find out more about opportunities within student education development, delivered by OD&PL, please visit: and keep an eye on the OD&PL training and events page for all current opportunities.